Why should you work for a London-based business?

Despite the pandemic, London-based businesses still attract a multitude of young professionals every year, searching for new opportunities and taking the next step on the career ladder.

This is hardly surprising since the capital has been a hub of commercial, industrial and technological innovation for decades.

As a region, London has the most businesses in the country. Home to 1.1 million businesses, which equates to 1,563 per 10,000 residents, almost a quarter of the population is in the 25 to 34-year-old age bracket and many are highly skilled, well-educated young professionals aiming to further their career.

Which business is London famous for?

There are certain industries that the capital is particularly well-known for, finance primarily, but there is so much more to the London job market than just banking and finance.

Many people think of London as the boomtown of finance in the 1980s, with Yuppies clutching their mobile phones to keep on the ball in terms of the financial markets. The ’80s were indeed a boom time, with a prolonged period of economic growth, equating to 8% every 12 months, from 1982 onwards.

London has been the home of most of the UK’s financial services since the Middle Ages. Today, it boasts a historic financial district known colloquially as Square Mile, a thriving centre of insurance and banking at Canary Wharf, stock and bond trading and the Foreign Exchange.

The capital is also a centre of technological innovation, with many generous investors, a huge corporate presence and affluent consumers who want to try the latest tech trends for themselves. There are around 40,000 tech companies in central London, filling every sector from consumer technology to fintech.

When it comes to the creative, marketing and media sectors, London is home to some world-famous film and television studios, including Pinewood – famous for Star Wars and James Bond. It also has its fair share of high-quality theatres. In fact, for people looking for a career in this sector, there are more opportunities than anywhere else in the UK, both behind and in front of the camera.

London salaries

Software engineers in London earn an average of £44,600 per annum, followed by software developers (£39,450), marketing managers (£37,400), executive assistants (£35,584), graphic designers (£33,600) and account managers (£30,100).

The Global Talent Survey by Totaljobs polled 366,000 respondents over 197 countries and asked them which was the most appealing city in the world to find work. London was number one with 22% of the vote, ahead of New York on 16% and Barcelona on 15%.

Where it’s at!

London as a brand in its own right has remained strong, despite the challenges of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. It continues to be perceived as an inclusive, fulfilling city in which to work.


Image courtesy of © gemphoto / Adobe Stock

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