&Offices’ continued response to Coronavirus

We are aware of the concerns many of you, and we have regarding Coronavirus, and wanted to inform you of some of the steps we have taken at our centres.

Increased Deep Cleaning
We already have a constant rolling programme of thorough day-time and night-time cleaning throughout your building, but we have implemented increased deep cleaning, focusing on key touchpoint areas especially door handles, kitchens, toilets and break-out spaces. We benefit from our cleaning company being part of our group of companies, so we can specify cleaning wherever necessary and are not dependent upon a third party supplier.

Hand Sanitisers
There are hand sanitiser units around your building and we encourage regular use of these for you and your guests.

Call Twinning & Call Forwarding
We can implement Call Twinning on your and your team’s DDI telephone numbers so your mobile rings simultaneously allowing work calls to be answered from home or wherever you are located. We are also offering a Call Forwarding option. Due to the anticipated volume of requests please allow up to 24 hours for completion.

Our telephone system is IP-based and allows fluid migration to another internet based docking so you can plug in your desk handset at home and receive calls as you would in the office on your same work telephone number. However, this requires a power over ethernet injector or a router switchport. Whilst most routers do not have this functionality it is an option if you do have this at home.

Contact Email
As previously notified, we have set-up an email that you can contact us on to discuss any specific requirements you have regarding remote working and business continuity: bc@beoffices.com

Community Events
For the immediate future, we have postponed our community events programme. Whilst this is unfortunate, we hope you understand our thinking behind this decision.

We, in line with the current government stance, intend to remain fully operational. However, we are monitoring government advice and adopting appropriately and ask you to do this also.

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