Natural light and better breakout spaces top wishlist of demotivated office staff

Survey reveals what Britain’s workforce would change about their office environment if they had the chance

According to recent research a fifth of office workers have admitted that their work environment is a hindrance to their productivity levels and over half of job seekers would be prepared to turn down a job offer if they didn’t like the workspace.

Clearly British workers are discerning when it comes to the environment in which they work, so a further study by Tiles Direct could provide a blueprint for organisations planning to reinvent their workspace.

An online survey asked 1,000 UK office workers to what extent office design influences their decision to accept a job offer, with over a quarter of respondents (and a massive 61% of 18-24 year olds) admitting to having made career decisions based on the appearance of a prospective workplace.

Survey participants were then asked to comment on aspects of their working environment resulting in an overwhelming call for less oppressive office space.

Natural light took 41 per cent of the vote as the key ingredient missing from UK offices, a factor which determines energy levels and impacts happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Breakout areas were also cited, with 26 per cent of respondents suggesting that improvements could be made in their office environment.

Personalising the workplace

Seemingly insignificant factors can also have a dramatic impact on how we feel about where we work, with 22 per cent of office workers calling for more personalised workspace.

Amenities are also key with 21 per cent of respondents (rising to 29 per cent of women) saying that they would appreciate access to facilities such as a coffee machine or water cooler.

Overhauling office design

As the majority of office workers spend upwards of eight hours a day at their desks it is no surprise that 18 per cent of survey participants would appreciate an upgrade to more comfortable and ergonomic desks and chairs. Some respondents (16 per cent) would be happy with the introduction of some colour to their workspace or perhaps some artwork on the walls, the was especially important to 18-25 year olds (25 per cent).

Natural light, exceptional breakout areas and high quality furniture are principal features of &Offices serviced office space, combining to create a vibrant, productive and comfortable place to work.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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