How a bonfire can be a great work night out

The nights have well and truly drawn in, the clocks have gone back and Halloween is upon us, so the scope for any kind of outdoor leisure activity is becoming restricted – except for those who don’t mind putting on a warm coat and braving whatever weather they may face.

However, while the hot, sunny days and long, light evenings of summer are a fading memory, there is one very warm evening coming up – Bonfire Night.

Many of your staff could be planning to enjoy this event with friends and family, but there will be multiple opportunities to attend a display. As well as the night of November 5th itself – which falls on a Monday – there will be various weekend events all over the country.

All this opens up an exciting possibility – why not make it a work night out?

At first, this might seem counterintuitive. After all, a public bonfire and fireworks display will by its nature be dark, crowded and noisy.

However, that might just make it the ideal night out for some. For all the team-building imperatives that apply to work evenings out, the reality is there will be those who don’t want to be stuck sat at a table indoors with someone they don’t really want to be with. As with any outdoor activity, people can mix more freely and spend more time engaging with everything that is going on around them. This is the sort of environment that will appeal to many.

Indeed, one of the great things about a bonfire and fireworks is you know just what you will get. There’s no trying to make your own entertainment and mind-numbing small talk that can turn a works event into a dutiful ordeal. Instead, the whole thing will – quite literally – go with a bang.

Moreover, this will help add some general variety to your office social calendar. Why just have indoor events because it has gone dark in the evenings? This is a great way of doing something a bit different and good fun.

Of course, you can combine the fireworks with a bit of time in the bar before or after the event, as well as some good food. If you are fed up with sit-down meals on staff nights out, this may also be a nice change as you enjoy some roast chestnuts, a hot dog and some traditional bonfire night parkin.

Perhaps the best bit of all can come at the end of the evening. By then, everyone will have had a fun time, a few drinks will have been downed, and it may be time to venture back out to the fire with a few big marshmallows to toast.

As people gaze into the mesmerising embers of the fire as it dies down, enjoying the ambience and some gooey treats, they are likely to feel chilled out and mellow.

This can be a particularly good way to spend time with anyone, as the relaxed atmosphere could be particularly useful in helping build up good interpersonal relationships. In such circumstances, people drop their guards and are a bit more revealing. In short, they show their true selves and enable trust to be built up.

All in all, it makes for a great evening and a wonderful opportunity to build team togetherness in a unique atmosphere.


Image courtesy of iStock/Miravision

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