5 simple ways to get your motivation back after the summer

Wednesday 4th September 2019

The summer is a mysterious season, we long for it to be here for months on end and then quick as a flash, it seems to have gone. However, instead of being doom and gloom about it, why not take this post-summer period as an opportunity to get yourself motivated, again, with these tips.

Spring Clean
The first and easiest way to set yourself on the path of motivation is to have a tidy and clean-up of your work environment. It can seem like a never-ending task but one big purge of all the loose pieces of paper or clutter that have accumulated on your desk will set you on the right track- you may even finally be able to see what colour your desk is!

A tidy workspace leads to a tidy mind which is ready to get things done.

Fresh Goals
It’s time to give yourself some fresh goals. Look at your workload alongside all the things you wish to achieve in the next few months and make a game-plan as to how you will achieve these.

Make sure your goals and objectives are manageable with achievable deadlines. For bigger tasks, it can be beneficial to break these down into a series of smaller ones. Think about a realistic deadline for yourself, not too short so you feel swamped or overwhelmed, but not too long so that you have ample time left on your hands.

If you find that you have previously made yourself a list of targets but had trouble sticking to them, be vocal about them and let a colleague or team member know what you are trying to achieve and by when. This way someone else can check in to see how you are getting on and because your goal is now public, you will have more incentive to stick to your plan.

Make a List
Following on nicely from making your goals and targets, it’s time to write them down so you can see what lies ahead. Although the list may appear to be lengthy, the reason for it is not to seem daunting but so that you can see what you have to do and as you start to progress, you can tick or cross things out.

The action of seeing your list get smaller will only motivate you to do more as you gain a great sense of achievement as the list whittles away.

New methods of working
If it seems that working to a deadline and working under pressure sees you perform at your best but whilst not under time constraints you find you lack motivation, then it’s time to switch up the way you’re working.

Methods such as the Pomodoro technique will see you working for 25 minute intervals and then taking a 5 minute break. Utilise your list of goals by allocating jobs you want to get done in 25 minutes or within a certain time frame. This way you can engage your ability to work to time parameters in an effective manner over a broad range of projects.

Remind yourself why you go to work
Finally, although work can seem like a chore, sometimes, just reminding yourself why you go to work can help to motivate you. Do you do something which you enjoy, you are good at, or are you working towards a meaningful cause? Any of these reasons can be a great source of motivation to help you get back into working and inspire you to work to your full potential.

And what’s the main reason why people go to work? Money! Whether you like it or not, the main reason millions of people get up and go to work is for money. Thinking about what you would like to be doing with your money and using this as the source of your motivation can be a valuable tick. Perhaps you are planning you’re next holiday or fancy a car upgrade or, maybe, you would just like to go out for a nice dinner- reminding yourself of what you are wanting to achieve with your money can be the greatest source of motivation to throw yourself into work.

Don’t think that you’re alone in feeling that lack of motivation after the summer break, however, set yourself apart from the rest and don’t be defeated by it! These simple tricks and tips will help you on your way to being more productive and motivated as business begins to pick up again.


Image courtesy of: iStock-baramee2554

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