Is 2018 the year to bid farewell to unproductive meetings?

For many businesses, the start of a new year provides an opportunity to make some positive changes and get rid of outmoded, inefficient practices.

If your firm is looking to make more efficient use of its time in 2018, one of the most productive changes could be to get rid of pointless meetings, with recent research showing just how big an impact they can have.

The cost of unproductive meetings
As well as proving frustrating for those involved, unproductive meetings can have a significant impact on a company’s finances, research by STL Microsoft Training has suggested.

The average person working for a small to medium-sized enterprise attends 207 meetings every year, just over two-thirds (67 per cent) of which can be deemed unproductive because they don’t achieve the stated goal, the report indicated.

With the Harvard Business Review Meeting Cost Calculator showing that employers pay £28 for every hour an employee spends in a meeting, the annual cost of hourly meetings is around £5,796. However, with around two-thirds of meetings seen as pointless, companies are wasting about £3,892 of this overall sum, smallbusiness.co.uk reported.

STL Microsoft Training recommended a number of steps to reduce the risk of meetings being a waste of everyone’s time. Possible strategies include:

Other time-saving techniques
There are many things your business could consider doing in 2018 to maximise productivity and cut down on wasted time, such as:


Posted by Julie Tucker

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